Ascent was my right and important step towards JEE preparation.  The quality of teaching and practice materials are really good.  The faculty make the learning process enjoyable.  Had a wonderful couple of years in Ascent.



First of all I would like to thanks the Ascent team for their heartiest contribution to make my way to IIT. I found Mr Nageswar Rao (Physic faculty) the best faculty I have ever seen. I am highly obliged to Patnaik sir for his contribution to make Maths an interesting and easy subject to read and write. I would also like to thank Chiranjeevi Sir for helping me towards the IIT.



Ascent is much more than a college to me. Lecturers here never limited themselves to teaching subjects and focusing on ranks, but on personal growth in every possible segment like investing, Networking, practicality as each of them deal with a lot more things than just academics, that are truly important in life in the long-term.



     I am deeply grateful to Ascent for everything they have done for me, I loved my time here. The faculty were like fatherly figures who provided the right balance between leisure and studies ensuring I never got stressed out about anything.



Ascent gave me the most positive and effective guidance with the most experienced professors along with stress-free education which paved the way to my successful attempt at JEE. The knowledge I gained and the method of study taught here helped me throughout my University education and also after that. I’m forever grateful to Ascent Classes for the early influence in my education which moulded me into an intuitive student.


Dr. N.K. Panigrahi

Parent of Chinmayee Panigrahi IIT JEE AIR-321(GC)

I am extremely grateful to Ascent Classes which brought out the best from my daughter Chinmayee Panigrahi to secure AIR-321 (General) in IIT-JEE 2012 and made her eligible to get into IIT, Bombay. Right from its inception six years ago, this institution is renowned for its dedicated, hard working, knowledgeable, yet amicable, accessible, approachable and helpful teaching staff. Excellent teachers are those who not only teach and make you understand the subjects but also guide you and ignite you to move towards higher echelons of life. Fortunately, faculties of the institution have all these ingredients in them.

One of the strengths of the college is its flexibility of timing of the curiculum which provides students sufficient time to inculcate habits like self study and create enough space and time for them for self-understanding. This concept is contrary to the commonly believed cramming curriculum with tight time-table. I wish the institution will add many more achievements and success stories to its credit.


G. Ramanadham

Parent of G. Grana Praphulla, IPE Toper - 986/1000 & AIEEE AIR-878.

All parents want a great future for their kids. Ascent College helped both my children get admission in National level institutions. I will always be thankful to the Ascent team for the same. In addition to good conceptual eduction my children were also taught great morals and values. I presonally appreciate the efforts of NR Sir and Karunakar Sir in this regard. I whole heartedly believe that the disciplined academic environment of Ascent paved the way for my children becoming successful. I sincerely believe and wish that the college would continue to flourish in the years to come in preparing many more students to have bright future.


A. Krushna Rao

Parent of A. Sri Harsha, IIT JEE AIR-615(Gen.) 

Ascent Classes is a place where the lessons are taught with love and affection. Here students are taken care of more than by their parents. In my feeling the students will learn subjects in a healthy environment. It is like 'home food' when compared to 'outside food'. Teachers work and focus on bringing out the actual capacity of the students. They don't "rub and wash" students but always  concentrate to identify the lacunae and guide them to perform with 100% efficiency. 


D.Sai Nishanth Nihath

D. Sai Nishanth was a student of Ascent Classes during academic year 2008-2010.

As a successful student in IIT JEE, I would like to share a few of my experiences with you. First of all I would like to thank ASCENT CLASSES for the huge support throughout the two years I was with them. When I joined ASCENT, I was as apprehensive as any other student of getting into IIT, but in a few months only ASCENT removed all my doubts and instilled in me confidence that I will definitely clear JEE. There was no turning back from then on. ASCENT has highly distinguished teaching staff and they were very friendly and always open to interaction. They gave me the kind of base that I needed not only to clear JEE but also perform well in my further studies.

I had a wornderful learning experience with team ASCENT. 


Chinamyee Panigrahi

Chinmayee Panigrahi was a student of Ascent Classes during academic year 2010-2012.

I can still remember my first day in Ascent when Patnaik sir taught Number theory. I remember thinking, "Thank God, I have come to a place where we are taught to learn, not simply score marks." Being a student of science, understanding the inner laws of the universe and being amazed by discovery is a desideratum. Thankfully Ascent and I share this ideology. Ascent is led by an army of professors who believe that students should understand the laws of nature before they can solve confounding problems and numericals. The professors are extremely approachable and proactively encourage students and boost up the courage. Another unique aspect of Ascent is the freedom and the time available to introspect both of which are essential parts of learning. My two years in Ascent were my transformative years when the seeds of learning were planted.

Always grateful to ASCENT.


N.S.Akash Rao

N S Aakash Rao was a student of Ascent Classes during academic years 2007-2009. 

While preparing for an exam as competitive as IIT JEE it is difficult to find on institute where the real focus is on learning. I am immensely grateful to ASCENT CLASSES for being an exception to the trend and creating an environment where I, like so many others, got an opportunity to learn, grow and explore. The work culture, and the quality of teaching at ASCENT, which are by far the best I have ever come across, coupled with the increasing guidance and support throughout the duration of the program is definitely the best a serious IIT aspirant can hope for. In the two years we spen at ASCENT, my friends and I have gained the confidence that not only gave us the competitive edge to perform extremely well in various exams, but also sets us apart, wherever we are now.